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Why Nothing Ever Changes in EMF Safety & Regulations?

Posted on 28 February 2014 by admin, a world-leader in EMF news and information, added some new thoughts on the matter of why it seems new scientific data and breakthroughs in research seem to not have any response from the medical community, governments, regulators, and more. It seems apparent to most of the researchers (non-corporate involved researchers) directly involved in the studies see that there is a problem they are seeing with excessive amounts of Electromagnetic Frequencies/Fields that surrounds us all every day. Yet for many many years it all appears to be swept under the rug of denial and counter arguments with no end in site.


Check out the news report from Microwave News for more details:

Lost Research Opportunities

Industry Treads Water; Conflicts Abound

February 25, 2014
Last updated
February 27, 2014

Five years ago we reported on what we thought was an important clue in the search for understanding the well-documented association between childhood leukemia and EMF exposure. A team based in Shanghai presented evidence that children carrying a genetic variation linked to DNA repair were four times more likely to develop leukemia than those without that genetic marker. We called the finding a “major breakthrough” and predicted, “It simply cannot be ignored.”

We were wrong. So wrong.

What happened next —or rather, what did not happen— sheds light on why EMF research treads water and never moves forward. No one followed-up, no one pleaded for a follow-up; practically no one even talked about it. We don’t believe this was an accident. Strong forces favored inaction (no, we aren’t paranoid). Stagnation helps empower critics to maintain that without a mechanism the EMF–childhood leukemia link is bogus. That Shanghai scientists offered a possible explanation in a peer-reviewed journal made no difference.

We decided take a close look at why and how this happens. Here we focus on what we thought would be a “breakthrough” research paper. Yet, this was another dead end.
See how industry stacks the deck with a helping hand from the anti-EMF establishment. Full Article Here!


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