What is EMF?

 (Electromagnetic Frequencies / Forces) Electromagnetic radiation is composed of the frequencies that make up the electromagnetic spectrum. EMF comes from the sun and other natural sources. It also comes from man-made sources such as power lines and cell phones. The evidence is stacking in the favor of scientists who agree that there should be major concern about how it affects us daily in our emotional, physical, and mental states.

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  • Key points:
  • EMF’s occur naturally and they are generated and used by man for many purposes.
  • Ionizing EMF’s can break chemical bonds and thus cause radical changes in materials.
  • Non-ionizing EMF’s are showing they can change characteristics of human cells and create many different illness.
  • EMF’s are characterized by their oscillation frequencies, measured in hertz.

electromagnetic-spectrumTo the right is the EMF Spectrum. It was created to classify all the different types of EMF’s that we know of and can measure.

Gamma Radiation tops the high frequency side of the chart while power lines and low levels of EMF’s are near the bottom. The sources that create EMF’s range from stars in the universe to friction on your carpet creating a static charge when you touch something metal. Basically all of them affect our bodies and emotions everyday.

Using an EMF detector you can determine if your home, school, or business is safe. 2 milliguass is considered safe for adults, and 1 for elderly, children, and pregnant women. Milliguass is the world-wide accepted measurement of EMF’s. It lets you know how strong the EMF’s are. Detectors can help you determine what type of EMF it is or you may be able to use common sense. If you have a strong level of EMF’s detected and you are standing next to a large power line, you may assume most of the EMF in your area is that source and type.

The Earth emits EMF’s, We emit EMF’s, Plants emit EMF’s, Rocks emit EMF’s, just about every known thing is affected by EMF’s.  Science continues to utilize and learn more about the wonders of EMF everyday. Currently across the world people are being affected negatively by certain sources of EMF’s and continued exposure.  These two combinations have been proven to be the reason people are talking about cell phones causing cancer and even odd subjects such as how plants might be negatively affected.  Courts have fought over the science, and in most legit cases, the science wins. There are many doubters and organizations that do not want education or a spotlight on this subject matter but its hard to hide obvious science data over and over again.

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