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What are EMF detectors?

Posted on 26 March 2013 by admin

EMF detectors can measure the strength of an electromagnetic field. These fields are measured in milligauss (mg). View the chart below to reference the different kinds of EMF fields. They range from low to high, with low being strong long waves of energy such as deep bass sounds and power lines.  Higher frequencies consist of cell phones up to Gamma Rays which are emitted in space mostly.


With an EMF detector you can know if your home, school, or workplace has levels that are considered safe or not. Most detectors provide some basic information about what levels are safe or not but for more details read the Free E-Book ( Bio-Initiative Report )  from the scientists who have declared the safety levels that should be followed based on the research and concerns.

Using your detector, knowledge of EMF fields, and safety level information gained from the report, you can begin to test and know for sure what your EMF environment is where you live and work.

There are three main types of detectors known as AC Guassmeters, DC Gaussmeters, and (RF) Radio Frequency EMF Detectors. With an EMF Meter you can check microwave ovens, appliances, power lines, cell phone towers, generators, home and building electrical wiring, cell phones, and more. There are two different grades of EMF detectors – residential and commercial. Either can be used to get a general reading, but the commercial EMF meters would be used to get specific detailed measurements.

Here is a good AC Gaussmeter:                                          Here is a good RF Meter:

              k2emfdetector                                                   rfemfdetector

These two meters will be useful for the majority of your needs. Testing your home, ghost hunting, checking for cell towers near schools, etc… Just click on either picture or visit our EMF Safety Store to order or for more information.

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