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Sunspots Go Wild! X-Class Solar Flares are heading to Earth

Posted on 08 January 2014 by admin


A false-color composite image from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory shows a blast of activity originating from an active sunspot region at the center of the sun’s disk on Tuesday.

The sun erupted with a powerful solar flare on Tuesday, disrupting radio traffic and sending a blast of electrically charged particles our way. And there may be more blasts to come.

The X1.2-class flare was recorded by sun-observing satellites, including NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, at about 2:32 p.m. ET. X-class flares are the strongest category of solar outbursts, although X1.2 is toward the category’s low end. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Space Weather Prediction Center said the flare sparked a strong radio blackout.

For days, space weather forecasters have been bracing themselves for solar eruptions from a large active sunspot region called AR1944. This region has now turned to face Earth directly, which means strong solar flares are likely to send storms of charged particles — also known as coronal mass ejections, or CMEs — heading straight for us.


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