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EMFScience E-Book A Primer for Tomorrow – FREE Bio-Initiative Report – FREE
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A Primer for Tomorrow is a FREE collection of scientific exploration into the future of mankind and how we advance technology. Hodges truly opens the mind with his insightful EMF related ideas and knowledge.
The Top Scientists in the world came together and have created the #1 report everyone should read to know the facts about EMF Safety and Health Information.
EMF Detectors
K-2 Meter RF Power Meter XYZ EMF Detector
The most popular, durable, and best bang for your buck to help you detect emf fields.
If you need more than a 3 GHz meter and you like simplicity, this unit is a good choice. One ON/OFF button, one-handed operation. Just point and take readings.Continuous LCD digital readout from 0.0018mW/m² to 580 mW/m² gives plenty of dynamic range.
This EMF tester is designed to provide user a quick, reliable and easy way to measure magnetic field levels around power lines, electrical appliances, wiring and industrial devices.
EMF Sheilding
Silverell Hoodie Faraday Canopy Silver Lining T-Shirt
Prefer a shielding garment that no one will notice? This typical looking hoodie sweatshirt does the trick for the upper body and head!
Give your body a chance to rest! Attractive and functional canopy can be used over beds or other similar sized areas to reduce radiofrequency radiation.
Very sheer, comfortable undergarments you can wear over your regular underwear to shield yourself from powerline and computer electric fields, and microwave, radar, and TV radiation.
Ghost Hunting Equipment
The Ultimate Ghost Hunting Kit Green Grid Laser The Original Ghost Hunting Kit
The Ultimate is what the professionals are using to hunt down the paranormal. EMF detectors, motion sensor, thermometer, Carrying Case & More!
If something moves in front of a light beam, it will block that beam and produce a shadow. By creating a grid of many hundreds of beams, you can determine the presence, size, shape and movement of the shadow of a moving object.
Available for all beginners, amateurs and professional Ghost Hunters and Researchers. EVP Recorder, EMF Meter, Motion Sensors, & More!
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