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Cell phones, cancer: Interview with an expert doctor

Posted on 15 February 2013 by admin

There are only two hospitals in the world people can reach out to for help with concerns about radiation from cell phones affecting their health. One is in Hemel Hempstead, England and the other one is The Environmental Health Center of Dallas (EHCD) in Dallas, TX USA. We at gained an interview with Dr. Rea and Carolyn Gorman a representative at the EHDC in Dallas, TX. Following are the questions we asked and the responses they had concerning EMF.

Interview With: Dr. Rea
Environmental Health Center of Dallas

EMF SCIENCE: “What concerns should people have, if any, about health issues that could be caused by cell phones and electrical devices that give off electromagnetic frequencies?”

Dr. Rea: “The concerns are excessive exposures to excessive EMF. Illness can be related to length of time of exposure and magnitude of exposure. Distance negates fields. Each person may have a different tolerance level due to current health status and past environmental exposures. Any fat stored chemicals or heavy metal toxicity or metal in the body may affect exposure tolerances.”

EMF SCIENCE: “Your health center provides diagnostic testing called electromagnetic challenge testing (ECT) for patients. What is that?”

Dr. Rea: “The patient is tested in a room with porcelain on steel walls and an electrically desensitized floor. They are exposed to different HZ or frequencies by an oscillating generator. This is a blind study. Symptoms and other health parameters are recorded.” The American Environmental Health Foundation (1-800-428-2343) has an article dealing with this.

EMF SCIENCE: “At what point, and how, did the medical community determine that a problem was occurring within people biologically that lead them to decide that diagnosis and treatment was needed for problems related to electromagnetic sensitivity?”

Dr. Rea: “I didn’t know the medical community has recognized this. We look at symptoms, past history, and use several other diagnostics tests to help us determine if EMF sensitivity is a factor in their illness and presenting symptoms. However, there has been much literature dealing with animal studies and the effect of EMF on their health. I believe the EPA recognizes the impact that extreme exposure to high voltage lines can create.” Louis Slesin, of Microwave News, also has many articles dealing with the health effects of cell phones and electromagnetic fields. One overt clue to a person’s sensitivity is symptoms created in the patient by exposure to operating appliances, computers, etc.

EMF SCIENCE: “What are some of the major and common problems seen in patients that come to the EHCD for (ECT) treatments?”

DR. Rea: “We see fatigue, chemical sensitivity, headache, food and inhalant intolerances, immune problems, just a myriad of symptoms. In many instances the organ or system affected depends on medical history and environmental history of chemical or metal exposure.”

EMF SCIENCE: “Are electromagnetic sensitivity issues accepted fully by the medical community today and, are there problems that are affecting the awareness of these issues?”

Dr. Rea: “We need knowledge of what are acceptable limits of EMF exposure. What are acceptable limits of chemical exposure? There is controversy on this knowledge. Thus, each individual needs to keep all exposure at a minimum, and when possible avoid exposures. Wise choices need to be made in every aspect of life.”

EMF SCIENCE: “Do you meet patients who first went to their normal doctor for electromagnetic issues and find they could not determine or treat them for it?”

Dr. Rea: “Yes, many of our patients have sought other medical treatment before coming to the Center. Many have been misdiagnosed, and many feel that the treatments they have received have not been helpful to them.”

EMF SCIENCE: “What can people do, if anything, to help prevent issues concerning electromagnetic sensitivity?”

Dr. Rea: “People need to reduce exposure to chemicals in air, food and water. They need to assess nutritional, immune, and toxicity status. Allergies need to be evaluated as well as the ability of the chemical enzyme detoxification to handle environmental exposures.

They need to monitor where they live in relation to high voltage lines, power stations, and cell towers. They need to be aware of excessive cell phone usage and associated listening devices. They also need to be aware of location of chemical generating industries. Living in chemically contaminated areas challenges the body and can make one susceptible to the effects of viruses, bacteria, chemicals, metals, allergens and magnetic fields.”

EMF SCIENCE: “Would you like to mention anything else about your health center or treatments concerning electromagnetics?”

Dr. Rea: “We do many diagnostic tests and procedures to assess your health status. This provides a basis for determining which treatment programs are appropriate to improve and maintain a healthy body and healthy lifestyle. The body is bombarded by many factors. Treatments and avoidance of illness are complex. Health must be a lifestyle choice.”

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