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Cell Phone Carriers & the FCC: Industry Insider Speaks Out

Posted on 02 June 2013 by admin

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has never levied a fine against a cell phone company for exceeding its RF exposure limits from a base station antenna.

That’s not because all of the 300,000 cell sites in the U.S. comply with the FCC rules, according to an Industry Insider with years of training and experience measuring RF radiation. He told us that he has found RF levels higher than those allowed under the FCC rules at sites across the country. The real reason there have been no fines, he said, is “because there’s collusion between the companies and the government.” The insider, an RF engineer, calls himself “EMF Expert”; he asked that his real name not be used.

“The carriers and the FCC have an extremely cozy relationship,” said the engineer. “Whenever there’s a problem, someone in the FCC’s RF safety office warns the carrier and the company then puts the ‘fire’ out.”

Over the last two years, the RF engineer and the EMR Policy Institute, based in Marshfield, VT, have identified more than 100 rooftops in 23 states where the FCC’s limits have been exceeded. Back in December 2011, the Institute described the situation to the chairman of the FCC, Julius Genachowksi, and the other commissioners. These findings are “shocking,” the leaders of the Institute wrote, and point to “a systematic pattern of non-compliance” by the country’s largest providers of cell phone service. Nothing much has changed since then.


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