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Chino Hills, CA – $76 Million Dollar Community EMF Battle – Power Lines

Posted on 29 March 2013 by admin

Chino-hills-power-linesThe Chino Hills, CA Community & Residents have been in a battle with the local power company SCE(PCU) to prevent the installation of 500,000 volt power lines in their backyards and near schools and work places. Recently they updated on their Facebook page (Hope for the Hills) that they have a timeline of a plan that may prove to be successful in working with the power company and local government to put the dangerous and monstrous power lines underground. In the deal the SCE(PCU) and local government will review plans to take $76 million in land and allow it to be used to put the power lines underground there.

This is the update from Facebook stating the date and decision to review the underground power line plan. More information on the timeline can be seen there.

Hope For The Hills – Facebook Page

March 20, 2013
Chino Hills officials say city will pay
Testimony by city officials to the PUC indicates Chino Hills is willing to contribute land to Edison, worth about $76 million if the decision is made to underground the power lines in the city.

EMF Science has been following the Chino Hills, CA case since first hearing of it about 2 years ago. We share the information in hope so that others with similar health, economy, and safety issues posed by the ever-changing electrical and communications industries in our environment can be done with reason and safety in mind. More times then not, communities lose battles similar to this. Power and cell phone companies usually have more money and lawyers than a community can defend against.

Feel free to contact us if you have similar EMF related health or environment related issues concerning power lines, cell towers, microwave towers, or otherwise. We would be glad to help spotlight you community fight and provide updates to our EMF Science community members and readers. Read our “Join The Fight” page for more information.

Keep up the fight Chino Hills, we support you and hope success in your battle.


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What are EMF detectors?

Posted on 26 March 2013 by admin

EMF detectors can measure the strength of an electromagnetic field. These fields are measured in milligauss (mg). View the chart below to reference the different kinds of EMF fields. They range from low to high, with low being strong long waves of energy such as deep bass sounds and power lines.  Higher frequencies consist of cell phones up to Gamma Rays which are emitted in space mostly.


With an EMF detector you can know if your home, school, or workplace has levels that are considered safe or not. Most detectors provide some basic information about what levels are safe or not but for more details read the Free E-Book ( Bio-Initiative Report )  from the scientists who have declared the safety levels that should be followed based on the research and concerns.

Using your detector, knowledge of EMF fields, and safety level information gained from the report, you can begin to test and know for sure what your EMF environment is where you live and work.

There are three main types of detectors known as AC Guassmeters, DC Gaussmeters, and (RF) Radio Frequency EMF Detectors. With an EMF Meter you can check microwave ovens, appliances, power lines, cell phone towers, generators, home and building electrical wiring, cell phones, and more. There are two different grades of EMF detectors – residential and commercial. Either can be used to get a general reading, but the commercial EMF meters would be used to get specific detailed measurements.

Here is a good AC Gaussmeter:                                          Here is a good RF Meter:

              k2emfdetector                                                   rfemfdetector

These two meters will be useful for the majority of your needs. Testing your home, ghost hunting, checking for cell towers near schools, etc… Just click on either picture or visit our EMF Safety Store to order or for more information.

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Are Magnetic Fields in Incubators Confounding Cell Culture Studies? Squashing the Cheshire Cat

Posted on 18 March 2013 by admin

cell culture studiesLucas Portelli just ran over the Cheshire cat. He didn’t know it was there. He’s too young to appreciate how this fictional feline has held sway in the EMF-health controversy.

In a systematic measurement survey, Portelli has shown that the ambient static and time-varying magnetic fields in laboratory incubators are large and variable: He found that they can differ by a factor of a hundred or more within and between incubators.

“These variations can be observed within the same incubator in locations that are centimeters apart,” he writes in a paper published in Bioelectromagnetics earlier this month. Such magnetic fields could be a “potential confounder” of cell culture studies, he warns.

The measurements were carried out as a part of his doctoral thesis at the University of Colorado in Boulder under the guidance of his thesis advisor, Frank Barnes, and with the assistance of Ted Schomay, an undergraduate.

“There are strong classical and fundamental reasons why these fields shouldn’t matter,” Portelli told Microwave News, “but when you take the time to put the experimental data all together, they suggest otherwise.” Magnetic fields “may become another factor that we may just have to control,” he said.

While Portelli’s main objective is to convince the research community to add magnetic fields to the list of variables —such as light, temperature and pH— that can influence cell biology experiments, Portelli may have also helped settle a long-standing controversy, the often-reported inability of researchers to repeat experiments showing biological effects of weak EMFs. As he writes in his paper: the ambient fields, by inhibiting and/or accelerating biological processes such as growth rates, may provide “a possible explanation for some of the conflicting results in the literature.”

Read the Full Article at Microwave News here

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EMF Weather – Sun Eruption Supercharges Northern Lights

Posted on 18 March 2013 by admin

Solar Storm Eruption

By Tariq Malik | – Sun, Mar 17, 2013

A massive eruption on the sun Friday (March 15) unleashed a wave of intense solar particles at Earth that may spark a geomagnetic storm and boost weekend aurora displays.

The Earth-directed solar storm occurred Friday at 2:54 a.m. EDT (0654 GMT) in what astronomers call a coronal mass ejection — or CME — a sun eruption that can release billions of tons of solar material into space. The particles typically take between one and three days to reach Earth, where they can pose a hazard to satellites and electronic systems in orbit and on the planet’s surface, NASAofficials said in a statement.

The solar particles from the Friday eruption were expected to reach Earth today (March 17).

“High-latitude and possibly even middle-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras this weekend,” the website, which tracks space weather and stargazing events, said in a weekend alert. [Amazing Auroras Photos of 2013]

The Friday sun eruption sent a wave of solar particles streaking toward Earth at about 900 miles per second, according to observations by NASA and European spacecraft. That is the equivalent of a mind-boggling about 3.2 million miles per hour (5.2 million km/h).

According to NASA, this “is a fairly fast speed for CMEs. Historically, CMEs at this speed have caused mild to moderate effects at Earth.”

The solar eruption should not pose a threat to satellites and spacecraft around Earth, but it may pass NASA’s Messenger spacecraft orbiting Mercury and the infrared Spitzer Space Telescope, agency officials said. NASA alerted the mission operation centers for both missions.

“There is, however, only minor particle radiation associated with this event, which is what would normally concern operators of interplanetary spacecraft since the particles can trip on board computer electronics,” NASA officials said.

An alert by the Space Weather Prediction Center operated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported that the Earth’s geomagnetic field could be at “unsettled to major storm levels” once the CME particles reached Earth Sunday. There was a 70 percent chance of a geomagnetic storm today, the alert added.

When the sun fires off an eruption in Earth’s direction, the charged solar particles that reach the planet are funneled to the Earth’s poles by its magnetic field. When the particles interact with the Earth’s atmosphere, they can cause a glow visible from the ground: the northern lights.

Northern lights displays over the North Pole region are known as the aurora borealis. Their southern counterpart is known as the aurora australis.

The sun is currently in the midst of an active phase of its 11-year solar weather cycle and is expected to reach its peak activity in 2013.

Visit Original Article at Yahoo News Here


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